Feb 19, 2022

(Exodus 2, Luke 5; Optional Psalm 35:10-18, Proverbs 10:15-22-27)

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EXODUS 2 – Moses is born and divinely rescued from Pharaoh’s desires to exterminate the Jewish boys. Instead, God arranges for Moses to be adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter. There are divinely inspired reflections on this part of God’s redemption story in both Acts 7 and Hebrews 11, and I’ll be referring to them. It’s very helpful to keep re-reading NT summaries of OT history (like Acts 7 and Heb 11) to see where we’re at as we’re reading through the OT (but from OUR side of the cross / resurrection, with God’s inspired comments highlighting certain parts of the story).

Ex 2:2 – Heb 11:23 tells us that Moses’ parents hid him “by faith.” Others in Heb 11 take an open stand, also “by faith.” We need to leave fellow believers room to respond as God leads them – very different actions (taking an open stand or quietly hiding your baby from death) can BOTH be declared by God to be “in faith”.

Ex 2:4 – From Num 26:59 we get the names of Moses’ family and know that his big sister is Miriam.

Ex 2:10 – “Moses” sounds like Hebrew for “draw out” (appropriate because he was pulled out of the water and would one day be used by God to take his people out of slavery) AND sounds like an Egyptian word for “son”.

Ex 2:11 – Acts 7:21-22 tells that Pharaoh’s daughter brought up Moses as her own son, and he was given the finest Egyptian education. But somehow he had learned that he was Hebrew, and Heb 11:24-26 says he made a “by faith” conscious choice to NOT have the “fleeting pleasures” that Egypt offered, but chose to be identified with the suffering people of God. Because (Heb 11:11:24-26 is very clear on this) he saw there was GREATER and ETERNAL treasure leaving behind the fleeting promises of THIS world and being in GOD’S Kingdom. Just like the folks happily leaving everything to follow Jesus in our readings in Luke.

Ex 2:14-15 – In Acts 7:23ff we find that Moses was 40 years old when he had this strong desire to help and lead his fellow Hebrews. And he’s ready and willing! He’s young, strong, trained in the best education the world had to offer. But God’s ways are so different from the world! God is about to humble Moses and have him serve 40 years as a shepherd in the desert, THEN call him to lead God’s people out of Egypt. By then Moses didn’t FEEL ready at all (as we’ll see in Ex 3)!

Ex 2:23-25 – “God remembered” – This does NOT imply that God had forgotten! This is EXACTLY what God had told Abraham hundreds of years ago would happen (Gen 15:12-16) and affirmed to Jacob when God told him to go with his family into Egypt (Gen 46:2-4). As God often does, He’s been building greatness in the midst of adversity and affliction (remember the Joseph story), but He HAS heard the groaning of His people. The phrase “God remembered” is often used through Scripture when it’s near the appointed time for God to take action (compare Gen 8:1 after Noah’s family had been in the ark for almost a year).

LUKE 5 – Jesus continues to demonstrate His authority in EVERY area of life.

Lk 5:4-5 – Though several of the disciples were professional fishermen, Peter happily acknowledge Jesus as Master in ALL areas of life (great illustration of Prov 3:5-6)!

Lk 5:6-11 – How like God to miraculously give their biggest catch ever, and THEN call them to leave everything and follow Him (it also would have provided for their families while they were gone with Jesus).

Lk 5:12 – Jesus can make us clean in EVERY way (compare this verse to Lk 3:20-25, 7:47-49)! In the OT law about leprosy, others had to stay AWAY from the leper so they wouldn’t also become unclean, but Jesus can make the unclean CLEAN and the wounded WHOLE. Whatever we “lose” in following Him (see v 11, 28), we get so much MORE in Him! Also see Paul’s joyful testimony years after leaving his previous privileges to follow Christ (and writing while jailed for preaching about Jesus) in Phil 3:4-9.

Lk 5:16 – The Greek is clear that this was a continuing habit for Jesus (also see Lk 4:42). Habit/custom/a regular schedule CAN be a very good thing, but we can also get overly dependent on things being a certain way (see Lk 5:33-6:11 – 3 different confrontations between Jesus and the religious leaders who were overly dependent on their traditions).

Lk 5:20-26 – As only God can do, Jesus handled the paralyzed men’s ETERNAL problem first. WHATEVER our outward problems are they pale in comparison with our deepest problem – we need to be forgiven of our sins! Then in v 22, Jesus answers the THOUGHTS of the Pharisees. For those with ears to hear and eyes to see, there’s lots of evidence that Jesus is GOD in the flesh.

Lk 5:27 – Levi is also called “Matthew,” the Apostle who wrote the first Gospel.

Lk 5:29-32 – The Pharisees and scribes (experts in the OT law) THOUGHT of themselves as “well” and “righteous,” but Jesus is clear that He came for those who realize they are sinners that need cleansing and forgiveness. There’s a common misunderstanding that Jesus came to “hang out with sinners”. Don’t miss v 32 – Jesus came to call sinners to REPENTANCE – to turn AWAY from their sin and their OWN way and any hope they can cleanse their OWN lives and turn to HIM as their Savior and Lord.

Lk 5:35 – Notice that Jesus expected that His disciples WILL fast when He’s no longer on the earth, but in a very different way than the Pharisees fasted. THEY fasted merely out of tradition – on certain customary days. But Jesus can’t be just patched on to what we’re used to – He brings an entirely new life (v36-39)! There’s already been a beautiful balance in Luke’s Gospel – having a schedule/custom/tradition CAN be a very good thing (see Lk 1:8-9, 2:8, 2:27, 2:37-38, 4:16, 5:16), but we CAN get overly dependent on the HABIT / CUSTOM and miss the freshness of new life in Jesus!

Optional Psalm 35:10-18 – The Bible often lists laziness as ONE possible input to poverty (see repeated warnings in Proverbs), but ALSO recognizes how often oppression is involved. And God, in His wise timing (which MAY be at the final judgment one day) WILL respond and bring full justice and rescue to those who are His. Ps 35:18 is the right response – grateful praise.

Optional Proverbs 10:22-27 – Compare Prov 10:22 with today’s Psalm reading… The END of the story for every believer will be Prov 10:22, although the daily life for many believers will often be poverty and oppression. Also compare Pr 10:22 to the ETERNAL pleasures in Ps 16:11. The blessings for the righteous listed in Prov 10:22-27 are OFTEN true in this life (doing things God’s ways avoids many pitfalls) and are ETERNALLY true (see Pr 10:25).