Feb 22, 2022

(Exodus 5, Luke 8; Optional Psalm 37:1-9, Proverbs 11:5-9)

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EXODUS 5 – When Moses and Aaron brought Yahweh’s message to Pharaoh  to let His people go to worship Him, Pharaoh said – “Who is the LORD (Yahweh), that I should obey His voice and let Israel go?” (Ex 5:2) Well, over the next several chapters Yahweh is going to show Pharaoh exactly who He is. The 10 plagues take on different idols worshipped by Egypt and show that Yahweh is the One True God, and FAR above all earthly powers. But remember that God had hinted to Moses that there WOULD be hardship and complications first (see notes at Ex 3 from two days ago). We’ll also see the pain from that middle part of the story.

Ex 5:4-12 – One of the key tactics of the enemy is to DISTRACT/BURDEN God’s people with busy-ness. Compare today’s reading in Luke 8:14 about being choked by the cares of this life.

Ex 5:13-23 – Although there WAS some belief and hope in Ex 4:28-31, things are now so painful that even Moses despairs and in his hurt questions God (v 22-23). It’s vital to remember that there will be times when we’re hurting so badly that we can’t FEEL the truth as truth. What FEELS like truth when we’re heartbroken is Satan’s whisper that it’ll ALWAYS be like this. But God responds in Ex 6 by again reminding Moses of the END of the story. And we should remember the dad’s prayer in Mark 9:24 – “I believe; help my unbelief!” And we should MAKE TIME (there will never BE time available – notice how INTENTIONAL Jesus is in the Gospels to get alone with His heavenly Father) to meditate on Psalms like 36 and 37 (yesterday and the next few day’s Psalms) about when the evil SEEMS to be winning.

LUKE 8 – Lk 8:1-3 – As Jesus was going around proclaiming the kingdom of God, notice how the kingdom of God was functioning – with different folks doing their part. In v 19-21 Jesus calls these folks who hear and apply God’s Word His family.

Lk 8:4-18 – Two parables about hearing the word of God (note the repeated references to hearing and the word of God in  v 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18 – central command “Take care then how you hear…”).

Lk 8:10 – Since I’m tracing the theme of the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of people, I’ve written “S!” next to v 10, and “R” by v 8, 18.

Lk 8:11-15 – Where are you in this parable? What’s the danger most likely to trip you up? Note the FRUIT that comes from hearing and holding fast to God’s Word. Compare v 17 and 21. Those who hear and apply God’s Word will be EVIDENT.

Lk 8:25 – The most important question in this life, because it impacts all of eternity – “Who then is this, that He commands even winds and water, and they obey Him?”  The Gospels are giving God’s clear answer – Jesus is God in the flesh, and Christ/Messiah, Savior, and Lord.

Lk 8:26-39 – I think we may see more behind the scenes glimpses of Jesus’ authority over the demonic world here than anywhere else in Scripture. Notice how huge a focus it is in the Gospels that Jesus and His apostles cast out demons. You don’t see ANY of that in the OT prophets (or any OPEN confrontation with demons at all). It seems that the demons know their time is short, and Jesus coming to earth signaled the beginning of their end (see Gen 3:15 about how the One God promised to send would give Satan a fatal blow).

Lk 8:38-39 – The demons got what they begged for in v 31-33, but this brand-new follower did NOT get what he begged for. (Important implications for prayer, and why it’s important we ask like Jesus gave example in Lk 22:42 – “not my will, but Yours, be done.”) Instead, Jesus commissioned him to be a missionary to his own hometown (often the toughest mission field God can call us to).

Lk 8:43 – An important detail God inspired physician Luke to record – that she was beyond hope from the merely human doctors.

Lk 8:45-48 – Jesus is not being mean to this poor lady. He pauses on the way to an urgent need at an important leader’s house (see v 41-42). He knows the end of this story – He will call her to overcome her fear (v 47), and publicly confess what’s happened, and then hear the ETERNALLY good news of v 48.

Lk 8:49-55 – Notice how what Jesus said was the truth was NOT what they strongly FELT was the truth. In v 53 what they KNEW was the truth turned out NOT to be the end of the story! Compare notes at Ex 5:13-23 earlier today.

Optional Psalm 37:1-9 – Two commands on what NOT to do when evil SEEMS to be winning: 1) Don’t FRET (v 1a).  2) Don’t FOLLOW (v 1b) or be envious. Instead, we should remember the END of their story (v 2 – “soon fade” – at least in light of eternity it’s soon), and follow the positive commands in v 3-9.

Optional Proverbs 11:5-9 – Notice all the reminders about the END of the two paths (and there are only two – the righteous who are about hearing and applying God’s Word and the wicked). It’s VITAL to keep remembering the END of your path.