Feb 23, 2022

(Exodus 6, Luke 9; Optional Psalm 37:7-20, Proverbs 11:10-13)

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EXODUS 6 – At the end of Exodus 5, even Moses is despairing and accusing God. In Ex 6:1-9, God reminds Moses and Israel of the END of the story. Helpful summary from ESV Gospel Transformation Bible: [“The Lord reminds his people of his past faithfulness in establishing his covenant with the patriarchs (6:2–4). He notes that he has now remembered that covenant (6:5). The Lord also declares what he will now do as a result: redemption (6:6), relationship (6:7), rest in the Promised Land (6:8).

It is God’s covenant that sustains us when our sin and our circumstances threaten to overwhelm us. Have we taken our hearts to God’s covenant promises in the midst of our struggle with sin? If we have been united to Christ, his work of grace in our life is assured (redemption). Christ has secured the eternal love of the heavenly Father for us (relationship). We will be brought to heaven, in spite of all our sin and failure (rest).”]

Ex 6:2-3 – This section is a strong emphasis on the aspect of Yahweh’s name (see notes a few days ago at Ex 3:13-15) that He ALWAYS IS with those who are His. Even though earlier believers knew SOMETHING about Yahweh (see Gen 4:26), there will be a new depth of understanding, as God prepares to free His people from Egypt, bringing them to Himself. Note the huge focus on His covenant name Yahweh (see “LORD” throughout this section – v 2, 6, 7, 8).

Ex 6:6-7 – “redeem” – A key word in the Bible, and especially in Exodus. The Exodus from Egyptian slavery is the key redemption event in the OT and the cross/resurrection is the key redemption event in the NT. We’ll see three concepts repeatedly connected with REDEMPTION: 1) a price paid (though this aspect is not clear in this text, it often will be),  2) a rescue made (that’s very clear here – rescued from slavery in Egypt),  3) a claim laid (see v 7 – God is NOT setting them free to do their OWN thing, but to belong to HIM).

Ex 6:5 – “remembered” – Again, not that God FORGOT, but this is often the way that God makes clear that He is about to act after a long period of time where people may FEEL that He’s forgotten.

Ex 6:9 – Another reminder (see also notes from yesterday at Ex 5:13-23) that we can be so sad and overwhelmed that God’s truth doesn’t FEEL like the fundamental reality it really IS. Moses gets discouraged that even Israel is not listening to him now, and he’s sure that Pharaoh won’t listen (see v 12, 30).

Ex 6:13 – God is gracious! Though Moses is discouraged, He doesn’t give up on Moses and get a new spokesman. Nor does God change the message; He reminds and recommissions them.

LUKE 9 – Lk 9:1-6 – Jesus SENDS out the twelve apostles (“apostle” means “sent”) with full authority to preach, heal, and cast out demons.

Lk 9:7-9 – All kinds of ideas on who Jesus is. Herod’s question “who is this?” (v 9) is vital for each person!

Lk 9:13 – Jesus often commands things that are well beyond what we can do, so that we turn to HIM as our hope. The situation looked IMPOSSIBLE – but see the end of the story in v 17!

Lk 9:18-20 – It’s important to be aware of what others think about Jesus, but the most vital question is asked by Jesus in v 20 – “But who do YOU say that I am?” And Peter correctly answers (from Matt 16:17 we know that this was sovereignly REVEALED to Peter by God the Father) that Jesus is the Promised Christ/Messiah. (“Christ” is close to the Greek and “Messiah” is close to the Hebrew way – they both mean the “Anointed” One who has been promised all through the OT).

Lk 9:21-27 – Although Jesus IS the Christ/Messiah, many Jewish folks had only focused on the glorious promises of victory and triumph in the OT, completely missing sections like Isaiah 53 about the Suffering Servant.  Note both the cost AND worth of following Jesus in these verses.

Lk 9:26 – “Son of Man” – because of the misunderstandings of the term “Christ/Messiah” by many Jewish people and because so many were looking for a deliverer from Rome when Jesus came to rescue us from our sins, Jesus’ favorite term for Himself is “Son of Man” (see Dan 7:13-14).

Lk 9:27-36 – The “Transfiguration,” where Peter, James, and John get a glimpse of the glory of the kingdom of God. Luke is inspired by God to record a detail the other Gospels don’t have – in v 31 Jesus discussed His “exodus” which He was about to accomplish in Jerusalem. Your English translation will have “departure” or “death,” but in Greek it’s the word “Exodus,” just like our current OT readings. So Moses who led in the beautiful OT picture of redemption is now talking to the One who will accomplish the ultimate Exodus from our slavery to sin into the kingdom of God!

Lk 9:37-43 – From the mountain top back into the darkness of this fallen world and reminders of our inability (v 40) apart from the unstoppable power of Christ (v 41-42).

Lk 9:43-48 – People were amazed by Jesus (v 43) and apparently the disciples were getting very excited about the positions of power and authority they thought were coming soon (see v 46-48). Jesus reminds them again of the cross that is coming FIRST and how different greatness in HIS kingdom is from how the world thinks about greatness.

Lk 9:49-56 – Two more rebukes of his disciples, and yet Jesus steadfastly (see especially v 51) continues to Jerusalem where He will lay His life down to save them (and any of us sinners who turn to Him).

Lk 9:57-62 – How different from the sales approach I feel from so many modern Christians! Jesus is clear that we must be willing to let go of anything/anyone to follow Him (compare v 23-26). But we get the surpassing treasure of JESUS who continues steadfastly towards the cross to lay His life down to save the disciples that continually give reminders that they are sinners! (v 40-41, 46, 50, 54-55)

Optional Psalm 37:7-20 – See notes from yesterday – God continues to remind us of the END of the story. The eternally glorious end for His people and the terrifying end for the wicked, even if they SEEM to be doing great at times in this life (v 7).

Optional Proverbs 11:10-13 – Two verses (10-11) about how godly folks are a BLESSING to fellow citizens, and a few verses on a key theme in Proverbs – the importance of our TALK (and when to be silent – v 12, 13).