Mar 6, 2022

(Exodus 17, Luke 20; Optional Psalm 44:6-26, Proverbs 13:1-3)

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EXODUS 17 – Two more crises, and of course God brings His people through. But in the first one (another water miracle) the people again quickly complain and want to go back to Egypt.

Ex 17:6 – Though God’s people won’t be aware the powerful significance of this until many years later, the rock is stricken and brings life. 1 Cor 10:4 tells us “the rock was Christ.”

Ex 17:8-16 – We are introduced to Joshua who will succeed Moses and lead God’s people into the Promised Land. Everyone does their part and God brings victory…

Ex 17:10-12 – Aaron (Moses’ older brother who becomes the first high priest) and Hur don’t have a glamorous or interesting job, but it’s vital! They notice a need and jump in and help.

Ex 17:14-16 – God certainly IS a God of love, but this is NOT all that He is! Psalm 5:5 and 11:5 tell us that God has a righteous hatred of wicked people (not just their sin). Deut 25:17-19 tells us that Amalek picked off the weak and the weary of Israel and killed them, and God WILL get perfect justice in His time – righteous vengeance belongs to Him and He WILL make all things right one day. A wonderful PROMISE to those who are His (because His righteous wrath is already fully satisfied in His own Son on the cross for those that are His). And a warning that should lead to repentance for those that are doing their own wicked way.

LUKE 20 – We’re in the last couple days before the cross. The religious leaders sent people trying to trap Jesus with questions, Jesus asks THEM a question that shows (to all with ears to hear) that the Promised Messiah is physically from David’s kingly line but ALSO pre-exists David and was already David’s Lord! This tells anyone willing to hear that the Messiah is God in the flesh. So much more than the merely political/military king they were hoping for!

Lk 20:1-8 – The religious leaders were mostly concerned about being embarrassed, about making a good external show (see also v 45-47). So rather than truly deal with the truth that John was sent by God to PREPARE the way for the Messiah and that Jesus IS the Messiah and God with us in the flesh, they just talk among themselves and won’t deal with Jesus and who He really is. So Jesus tells a parable to make clear (for those willing to hear) that He is God’s beloved son (v 13) and God’s cornerstone (v 17-18) that all of life is to be built around.

Lk 20:9-12 – Multiple servants sent (and rejected) as messengers from the owner are representing the prophets sent by God to Israel over the years.

Lk 20:16 – Getting them ready for Gentiles among God’s people! Remember that Luke himself is almost surely a Gentile believer.

Lk 20:17-18 – All that matters ultimately is how you respond to Jesus! He is the solid rock, God’s cornerstone. You’ll either build your life on Him or get crushed by Him in judgment.

Lk 20:24-25 – A reminder that humans are made in God’s image (Gen 1:26-27). Some tax money belongs to the government, but WE belong to God! Not the main point (and some believers don’t agree), but I think there are implications in this section that give Christians good reason to vote and serve on juries. In systems of representative government, I think this is implied as part of what we are to render to the government. But we should do this in a way that honors God and shows we belong to Him.

Lk 20:37-38 – Powerful evidence AGAINST the teaching of “soul sleep” (the false teaching that our souls aren’t conscious until the resurrection). Notice that the world “live” is NOT future tense, but present tense! Also see the emphasis on present tense in the parallel version in Matt 22:32 and Mark 12:26-27. Our bodies do “sleep” until the resurrection, but the soul is very much alive. Also see the conscious comfort for Lazarus and conscious torment of the rich man immediately after death in Luke 16:19-31. And Jesus talking with Moses (long dead) and Elijah (never died – just taken up to heaven) on the mount of Transfiguration.

Lk 20:41-44 – Now that they’ve asked their questions trying to TRAP Jesus, He has a question for THEM. If they’ll think through this (and if God opens their eyes to see like He’ll do in Acts 9 for Pharisee Saul/Paul) they’ll see that the Messiah is so much more than they’ve been hoping for. Even though Messiah Jesus will PHYSICALLY come about 1,000 years after king David, He was ALREADY David’s Lord, meaning He is GOD!

Lk 20:45-47 – Hell will be awful for all, but even worse for some. The more we know and are in leadership, the more accountability in the judgment.

Optional Psalm 44:6-26 – See notes from yesterday’s reading.

Optional Proverbs 13:1-3 – Pr 13:1 is one of many Proverbs that should motivate us to LISTEN to rebuke. It’s not natural to our flesh to receive correction well, but it shows we’re growing in wisdom. A HUGE indicator of where you are on the wisdom scale is how well you receive rebuke/correction/instruction. And v 3 is another verse about TALK (or rather doing less of talking).