Mar 14, 2022

(Exodus 25, John 4; Optional Psalm 50:7-23, Proverbs 14:10-14)

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EXODUS 25 – Yahweh commands Moses to receive offerings for the construction of the Tabernacle, and begins giving the exact instructions (v 9, 40) on the construction and how He is to be worshipped.

Ex 25:2 – God is not NEEDY for our offerings – He’s the Creator and ultimate Giver! But for those who WANTED to take part, God made a way. God so moved the people to give that in Ex 36:5-6 they had to stop the offerings! See 1 Chron 29:9-18 for a similar offering for the construction of the Temple and beautiful praise to God about how we offer willingly to Him because of all that He has given to us and because of the miracle He has done in our hearts.

Ex 25:8 – The awesome reason for building a Tabernacle – that God Himself may dwell in their midst! And then in John 1:14 we see that Jesus took on flesh to “Tabernacle among us”. And in Jn 4:19-25 Jesus makes clear to the woman at the well that (now that Messiah Jesus has come) the key issue is not WHERE we worship God, but meeting with Him by trusting in Jesus. He Himself is how we meet with God!

Ex 25:16 – Also see v 9, 40 – We worship God NOT from the best ideas we can put together, but as God Himself has commanded.

Ex 25:17-22 – On top of the ark of the covenant (this gold-covered box that would hold the Law and some other items God would command) was to be a cover. We find out later that this cover will have the blood of sacrifices sprinkled on it, and this is how sinners that deserve nothing but God’s judgment can mercifully meet with God and not be destroyed. Jesus is our mercy-seat covering so that we can meet with Almighty God who is Holy, Holy, Holy!

Ex 25:40 – Also see v 9, 16. God is graciously instructing how He can dwell in their midst (v 8) and how they can and must worship Him. Because Jesus is God in the flesh (Jn 1:1, 14), He gives similar authoritative instructions to the woman at the well on how to meet with God by receiving Jesus.

JOHN 4 – Jesus shocked a morally upstanding religious leader in Israel in Jn 3, telling him he must be born again. He needed the miracle of salvation from God’s Spirit. In Jn 4, Jesus ministers to a morally loose Samaritan woman and a civic official, and they both come to trust in Jesus. No matter our background, our only hope is Jesus (see Jn 3:16-18, 3:36)!

Jn 4:4 – Many Jews of this time would have strongly disagreed (see v 9b)! They went miles out of their way to go around Samaria. But like in Lk 19:5, Jesus had a divine appointment with a lost person on the edges of society who God is about to bring into His kingdom!

Jn 4:7-9 – This lady is shocked that Jesus is asking her for a drink. 1) She’s a Samaritan and He’s Jewish (see v 9b).  2) She’s a woman (see also v 27). In this culture and time period women were often marginalized, with people not applying Gen 1:26-27 that males AND females are equally in the image of God and equally valuable.

Jn 4:12 – The resounding answer at the end of this story is “Yes! Jesus is FAR greater than Jacob!” And every OT pointer that prepared hearts for the coming of the promised Messiah.

Jn 4:13-15 – Jesus is promising the “water” of eternal life, and the woman is still stuck on literal water, hoping she’s found a way out of coming to the well every day.

Jn 4:16-18 – Ouch! Jesus went right to the heart of her need. For years she’s been trying to slake her deeper thirst by finding the right man. We’ve gotten so used to multiple marriages and living together that we don’t easily feel the shock that this woman’s story would have brought in her time. The fact that she had had so many husbands and that her current man wasn’t married to her would have been strongly shamed in this time.

Jn 4:19-26 – I suspect she’s trying to change the subject from something very emotionally painful to an interesting debate among Jews and Samaritans about WHERE was the right place to worship God. Jesus is clear that now that He has come, the important thing is not WHERE you worship God, but that the only to worship God was by believing in Jesus, His Messiah.

Jn 4:25-26 – Don’t miss how huge this is – the first clear announcement by Jesus in the book of John that He is the Christ / Messiah is to this scorned Samaritan woman!

Jn 4:28-30 – Her errand forgotten, the woman goes back into town (a town where she had surely been scorned/shamed) and calls on them to come meet the One who knew everything about her and yet didn’t leave. After so many men had left, THIS One knows ALL about her, and had NOT left!

Optional Psalm 50:7-23 – See notes from yesterday, and don’t miss Ps 50:21 – the wicked THOUGHT that God was like them and had been silent because they were getting away with their sin. But they were very wrong – He is NOT like us! God sees EVERYTHING and there WILL be perfect justice one day.

Optional Proverbs 14:10-14 – Pr 10:12 is vital to remember that (contrary to our culture) it’s DEADLY to “follow your heart”! Pr 14:15 is so important to apply to our media consumption and who we believe. And who we listen to about spiritual and eternal things (connect to v 12).