Mar 22, 2022 – part 2

JOHN 12 – Jn 12-19 (a HUGE portion of this Gospel) records the days of Passover week and the crucifixion of Jesus. Jn 12:1-8 – A second anointing of Jesus with expensive ointment (different from the one in Lk 7:36-50, but the same as the parallel accounts in Mt 26:6-13, Mk 14:3-9).

Jn 12:4-8 – There will always be some who want to be SEEN as though they care for the poor, but really have their own selfish agenda. There ARE times for extravagant worship.

Jn 12:9-11 – There’s a balance here (as so often in Scripture)… God DOES use means (see how God vitally used Moses’ intercession in Ps 106:23 and the necessity of people sharing the gospel in Rom 10:14-15 – and write “R!” next to these verses because of the emphasis on human responsibility), and He used the means of miracles to bring many to Jesus (Jn 12:9, 17-19). BUT, the MEANS that God uses are not the ultimate explanation (we’ll see that in Jn 12:36-40 and have already seen it Jn 6:37, 44, 65. Many others saw those same miracles and did NOT believe (Jn 12:10, 19, 36-40). Don’t miss v 10 – rather than truly grapple with the reality of Jesus bringing Lazarus to life, they planned to get rid of the evidence – a powerful illustration of how the lost (without a miracle of God) suppress the truth (Rom 1:18).

Jn 12:12-19 – What we often call “Palm Sunday” or the “Triumphal Entry.” Jesus IS entering as God’s King, so they WERE right to quote Ps 118:25-26. “Hosanna” means “save us we pray,” but it’s clear that most of the crowd wanted salvation from Roman tyranny, not interested in being rescued from their own sin, and the shouts changed just days later to calling for crucifixion.

Jn 12:15 – Quoting Zech 9:9.

Jn 12:20-26 – Jesus’ earthly ministry had been focused on Jewish people, but these God-fearing Gentiles coming to Jesus are a preview of the world-wide gospel focus coming after His resurrection and ascension.

Jn 12:23-26 – Some wrongly think of the cross as Satan winning for a while, but then God pulled out a win with the resurrection. No! God opened the thief’s eyes to see this same truth – Jesus on the cross was God’s King entering His glory (see Lk 23:42-43). God’s path to glory leads THROUGH humility, suffering, death but leads TO much fruit eternally. We keep returning to God’s ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE as so different from the very short-term earthly perspective.

Jn 12:32-33 – Compare Jn 3:14-15

Jn 12:34 – The danger of not reading the WHOLE Bible (so keep reading, friend 😊). They HAD correctly read about the ETERNAL reign of the Messiah/Christ, but had IGNORED sections like Isaiah 52:13-53:12 that ALSO recorded His suffering first.

Jn 12:37 – Don’t listen when folks say, “I’d believe if only I could see some definite miracles.” Next to this verse write “R” because of how humans will be held accountable for their unbelief – “DID NOT believe.” But lest anyone thinks they’ll shake their puny fist at God at the Judgment and proudly say “I didn’t choose You,” we have the foundational sovereignty-of-God reason (so I’ve written “S!”) in Jn 12:38-40 (compare the threats in Jn 6:30, 41-42 with Jesus’ response in Jn 6:43-44).

Jn 12:41 – Another CLEAR reference to the divinity of Jesus. Hundreds of years before Jesus took on flesh and was born, the prophet Isaiah saw Him.

Jn 12:42-43 – Another example of some level of “belief” that falls short of saving faith – see Jn 2:23-25, 8:31-32.

Optional Psalm 57 – The historical setting (see the title) refers to David hiding from king Saul’s jealous rage (see 1 Sam 22, 24).

Ps 57:2 – Compare Rom 8:28 – David remembering the END of the story – God WILL work ALL THINGS together for His good and wise purposes – for His ultimate glory and the ultimate good of His people.

Ps 57:7 – Even after the dire situation recorded in v 1, 3, 4, 6 notice that David’s heart is SET on praising God.

Ps 57:5, 9-11 – Notice the MISSIONARY emphasis here. David is NOT just focused on his own pain (so easy to fall into when we’re hurting, and why the inspired book of Psalms is necessary to help broaden our perspective in hard times in our own lives).

Optional Proverbs 15:10-14 – Pr 15:14 – In the margin I’ve written: “What do you take in??”