Mar 25, 2022 – part 1 (almost caught up from extra family time last week :-)

(Exodus 36, John 15; Optional Psalm 59:9-17, Proverbs 15:25-29)

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EXODUS 36 – Ex 36:1-2 – Another reminder (see Ex 31:1-6, 35:30-35) that God has given the skill and desire to do exactly as He’d instructed.

Ex 36:3-7 – The people were so excited about giving to build the Tabernacle and furnishings that they had to stop taking the offerings – there was more given than the craftsmen needed! Compare 1 Chron 29:5-19 where they received abundant offerings for the building of the Temple. In 1 Chron 29 it’s very clear that there are two good ways to explain such abundant giving. First, you can validly say it from the human side – they freely WANTED to give (1 Chron 29:5, 6, 9, 14, 17). The second explanation is the foundational and decisive one – our sovereign God has ENABLED such joyful giving (especially see 1 Chron 29:14, 16, 18-19). GOD gets all the credit / glory, and WE get the joy of being involved in what He’s doing!