Mar 26, 2022

(Exodus 37, John 16; Optional Psalm 60, Proverbs 15:30-33)

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EXODUS 37 – You could think of Ex 36:8-39:43 as an example of what Jesus taught in Jn 13:17 – the blessing doesn’t come from intellectually KNOWING what God has instructed, but in DOING it! As you go through this section, you’ll notice it’s the same as the instructions God gave in Ex 25-31. But God inspired Moses to also record the actual BUILDING of the Tabernacle and furnishings – all to give a place where Yahweh would graciously meet with His people (Ex 25:8-9, 29:43-46).

All of this care points to 1) the importance of obeying God in ALL that He commands. Not just HEARING His word but DOING it. And 2) the importance of Jesus, who Himself is how we now access God’s presence (Jn 1:14 – lit “Tabernacled among us;” Jn 4:19-26; Jn 14:6; Heb 10:19-25).

JOHN 16 – Continuing the “Farewell Discourse” (John 13-17), Jesus is preparing the Apostles and all His followers for the tough times that will come after His ascension back to heaven. Jn 14-16 (especially Jn 16:7-15) and Rom 8 are two key sections in Scripture on the Holy Spirit. In both Jn 14-16 and Rom 8, notice the close inter-Trinitarian connections. God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit ARE distinct persons, but One in essence (Father, Son, and Spirit are fully and equal divine) and completely unified in purpose.

Jn 16:1 – ALL who savingly believe in Jesus WILL persevere to the end (see Jn 6:37-40, 44, Jn 10:27-30, Rom 8:29-30). Those that had a PROFESSION of faith and fall away show that they never truly belonged to Jesus (1 Jn 2:19). But the PERSEVERANCE OF THE SAINTS is not something to take lightly. Lk 22:31-34 gives us a rare behind-the-scenes look that Peter’s faith would not be perfect, but because of the intercession of Jesus (which He makes for ALL His people – see Rom 8:34, Heb 7:25) Peter WILL repent and stay in the faith. Jude gives similar insight – the beginning and end of Jude say that God keeps those that are His, but we’re involved – see Jude 20-21 (compare Jn 15:4-10).

Jn 16:4 – For another verse that reminds us that evil has its limited, planned-by-God “hour” in which to do its work, see Lk 22:53 (cf Job 1-2, 2 Cor 12:7-10). In tough times, a huge comfort to believers is that ALL that happens is part of God’s pre-determined good and wise plan (also Jn 14:29, Acts 2:23, 4:27-28).

Jn 16:5 – EARLIER in the evening they’d been asking about this (Jn 13:36, 14:5), but not now.

Jn 16:7 – We shouldn’t feel jealous about those who got to be with Jesus in the flesh – believers today ALWAYS have His presence and help through His Holy Spirit. Note that here JESUS sends the Spirit, and in Jn 15:26 the Spirit is seen as coming from the Father. YES! Because though they’re distinct (also Jn 1:1 – “with God”), Father and Son are also One (Jn 1:1 – “was God”).

Jn 16:8-11 – Notice how the preaching in the book of Acts cooperates with how the Holy Spirit convicts in these areas. It’s very blunt preaching (Acts 2:36) and offensive to any where the Holy Spirit is NOT working, but God used it to cut to the heart with conviction and bring repentance and salvation (Acts 2:37-41).

Jn 16:11 – “the prince / ruler of this world” – Referring to Satan (see Jn 12:31, 14:30). In all the casting out of demons Jesus did and decisively on the cross, Jesus showed that Satan is judged and Jesus came to strike the mortal blow of Judgment (fulfilling Gen 3:15). The Holy Spirit convicts people that anything other than complete trust in Jesus is being on Satan’s side – the side that has been condemned and where the mortal blow of Judgment has been struck. This kind of conviction led to people crying out from conviction in the middle of the first sermon delivered under full Holy Spirit power – “what shall we do?” (Acts 2:36-37)

Jn 16:12-15 – The Apostles still were not ready for all the teaching they’d need about how to read what we now call the OT with new eyes, seeing how it’s fulfilled in Jesus and applies now in the New Covenant. But they would be taught by the Holy Spirit and pass it on to the church in what we now call the New Testament (also see Jn 14:26).

Jn 16:14-15 – Though God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are fully and equally divine, there IS authority and submission in ROLE. We’ve seen this several times regarding Jesus in happy submission to His Father (probably the clearest example is 1 Cor 15:24-28), and here we see that the Holy Spirit (sent by both Father AND Son – Jn 15:26, 16:7) is coming to glorify JESUS. Beware times of gathered worship where the focus is mostly on the Holy Spirit – He’s the divine Worship Leader, stirring believers to deeper understand, love, worship, and obey God the Father and Son. Throughout the book of Revelation and its many heavenly worship scenes, songs of worship are sung to both the Father and the Son. The Spirit is clearly PRESENT, and not jealous that none of those worship songs are directed specifically to Him. I often pray like this during a time of gathered worship: “Father, may your Holy Spirit be our perfect Worship Leader, stirring up your people to further love, worship, and obey You and Your Son the Lord Jesus.” How do we honor the Holy Spirit? By glorifying the Father and the Son!

Jn 16:16-20 – Getting the Apostles ready for the next few days when Jesus would be in the grave, but even more for after He ascended to heaven until His return.

Jn 16:20-33 – Having peace (v 33; compare 14:27) and joy (v 20-24) even in sorrowful times. 1) Remember the joyful END of the story (Jn 16:20-22; compare Rom 8).  2) Pray to the Father in Jesus’ name (Jn 16:23-27; also see notes from the last few days at Jn 14:13-14, 15:7-8). And the Holy Spirit helps us understand and apply Jesus’ teaching, enabling us to know the kinds of heavenly Kingdom priorities Jesus would pray for and that we should pray for in His name.  3) Jesus’ EXAMPLE and DOMINION (Jn 16:28-33). Even though all the disciples would scatter in Jn 18, and Jesus would APPEAR to be alone, He was NOT alone, but very aware of His Father’s presence (Jn 16:32; compare 1 Pet 2:21-23). So HE had peace in His very dark time that He gives to His people. And He has dominion – over our feelings (note the command to “take heart” even in suffering) and over the world – He has overcome the world! At the cross the world and Satan may have LOOKED to be winning for a while but see how the Apostles comforted themselves (in other suffering AFTER the cross – they didn’t do well DURING those events near the cross) by this truth of God’s sovereign dominion – see Acts 4:27-28.

 Optional Psalm 60 – When you piece together hints from the title with 2 Sam 8:1-14 and its parallel in 1 Chron 18:1-13, it appears that David was battling some enemies and Edom swooped in and attacked Israel. And they had the upper hand at first (see Ps 60:1-5, 9-10).

Ps 60:1-5 – David is feeling abandoned by God, very aware that victories and defeats alike come from His sovereign hand. But, like Peter in Jn 6:66-69, David knew there was no place else to turn for help / hope. The turning point is v 5 where David cries out that God’s “beloved” may be delivered. It’s the same tender / sweet root word used repeatedly in Song of Solomon, the same used to refer to Jesus as God’s Beloved Son (Mt 3:17, Eph 1:6), and the same term used to refer to Christians (Rom 9:25, Eph 5:1, Col 3:12).

Ps 60:6-8 – “God has spoken” – THIS is all that ultimately matters! He has the FINAL and FOUNDATIONAL word on any topic! He authoritatively speaks of His possession of ALL the nations involved – they belong to Him!

Ps 60:9-12 – Even after God has spoken, the situation looks grim (v 9-10). The title mentions Edom, God mentions what WILL happen to Edom (v 8), and David is anxious over Edom (v 9). He knows that they will NOT succeed apart from God (compare Jn 15:5), but knows that with God there WILL be victory at the end of the story! There was… 2 Sam 8:13-14 records thousands of Edomites struck down, complete victory… “And the LORD (Yahweh) gave victory to David wherever he went.” Just like the END of our story – Rev 21-22!

Optional Proverbs 15:30-33 – v 31-33 are all about listening to reproof / instruction. Not fun at first, but the one who humbles himself gets wisdom and honor. Another verse about proper fear of God, so I’ve written “F” in the margin of v 33. Note the mix of motivations God uses with us – some warnings, some promises. He’s the perfect Doctor of the soul and has a wide array of medicines He uses with us.