Mar 29, 2022

(Exodus 40, John 19; Optional Psalm 63, Proverbs 16:10-15)

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A bit of a different emphasis in what I’m writing…  I’ve averaged 3 hours each day putting these posts together, and I’m not keeping correct priorities in the rest of my life. My son pointed out (thanks, Chris 😊) that I’m basically writing my own study Bible. But there are already some excellent study Bibles written, and that’s NOT my calling, so…  I’m going to write down a main thought or two from each reading. We’re getting into a section in the OT where many grind to a halt in their through-the-Bible readings. Don’t get caught up in every detail or question that you have. There will be PLENTY that’s quite clear and that’s where you should focus and keep reading, so that you’re hearing from EVERY WORD of God (2 Tim 3:16 – my blog title; Matt 4:4). I do recommend that you invest in a good study Bible or two or three to have available when you get to a section that gives you huge questions, but don’t get overly bogged down. The best commentary on God’s inspired Word is OTHER parts of God’s inspired Word, so keep reading. You can see some of my favorite resources here:

One I left off (although I’m going to edit the resources page and highlight it) that I’ve leaned on much preparing these daily posts is my favorite OVERVIEW tool – Gospel Transformation Bible: English Standard Version. They do NOT handle every detail you’ll have a question about, but keep showing how the OT points to Jesus and will help keep the big picture clear.

Remember to pray as you start each day that God would highlight something about Himself in your reading and then show you specifically how that revelation of who He is should shape your thinking and actions. As we keep reading His words, may we grow to love, trust, worship and obey Him (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) more!

EXODUS 40 – A year after the exodus from Egypt, Yahweh tells Moses to actually assemble and dedicate the Tabernacle, installing the priests (we’ll get more details on that in Leviticus). It’s all JUST as Yahweh had commanded. Ex 40:33 – “So Moses finished the work.” Compare Jn 17:4 with JESUS finishing His work. Then CONTRAST Ex 40:34-35 with John 17:5, 24. Where the holy presence and glory of God was so overwhelming at the dedication of the Tabernacle that not even Moses could enter, Jesus gloriously re-entered the glory He had with His Father from eternity past, AND secures the entry of ALL His people to come to heaven and fully see and enjoy His glory forever (Jn 17:24). Moses did SO WELL, and he was right on track with his ultimate desire (that Yahweh would show Moses His glory – see Ex 33:18). But Jesus is MUCH GREATER than Moses!!

The Bible Project 8-minute video overview of Leviticus is super helpful:

This video will help you see the big picture of Leviticus and not get overly tied up with every minute detail that Leviticus is filled with (and beautifully ties together Ex 40:35, Lev 1:1, and Num 1:1).

JOHN 19 – Compare all the references through this chapter to the references through Ex 40 that it was all done as God had said. Compare Jn 19:28, 30 (and Jn 17:4) to Ex 40:33. Jesus, who tabernacled among us (that’s the literal translation of Jn 1:14) had FINISHED His work that the Father sent Him to accomplish. The word “finished” in Jn 19:28, 30 is an accounting term for a debt paid in full. I am called to REST (see Heb 3-4) in the FINISHED WORK of Jesus. Though I’m a sinner, He took my sins on Him and EVERY requirement of God’s holy law that I had broken and PAID IN FULL (meditate on and rejoice in Col 2:13-14).

I am still called to work hard but completely relying on the power Jesus purchased for me on the cross, powered by His grace (1 Cor 15:10).

Jn 19:11 – Father, help me remember this emboldening truth when evil SEEMS to be winning – even the evil is only fulfilling the part that YOU have sovereignly planned. You WILL bring Your good and wise plan all the way to “It is FINISHED!”

Optional Psalm 63 – See the title – this is sometime in the YEARS running from king Saul’s jealous rage in the desert (also see v 9 – “those who seek to destroy my life”). But there are NO REQUESTS in this Psalm – Just exulting in the goodness of God who Himself is BETTER than life (v 1-4). And remembering the END of the story!

Optional Proverbs 16:10-15 – Though believers are MOSTLY citizens of heaven, we ARE to live honorably as citizens on this earth wherever God has placed us. And that involves just and honest business practices – this really matters to God (see v 11).