Apr 3, 2022

(Leviticus 6, Psalm 5-6; Optional Romans 2:1-16, Proverbs 17:1-4)

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LEVITICUS 6 – Lev 6:5-7 – Note the principle that of RESITUTION to the human party that’d been wronged with 20% extra (see my notes yesterday), AND making things right with God, because all sin is ULTIMATELY and most deeply against God (compare Ps 51:4).

Lev 6:8-8:38 – More details on the five basic kinds of offerings already covered in Lev 1-5. But those earlier chapters focused on what the WORSHIPPER was to do, while these chapters focus on what the PRIESTS do.

PSALM 5, 6 – Reprinting my notes from earlier when I read these in the “Optional Psalm” section…

Ps 5:1-2 – “groaning…cry” – So many Psalms reflect the deep pain and sorrow of living in a fallen, sin-twisted world. A precious old saying: “For every sigh there’s a Psalm.” Psalms teach us to turn TO GOD when we’re hurting / upset.

Ps 5:4-6 – What a different picture of God than the world has! The perfect, righteous hatred God has for sin AND sinners (don’t miss Ps 5:5) should guard us from self-righteousness and lead us to a humble thankfulness that God has made a way for sinners LIKE US to run to Him for mercy in Jesus. So that we can approach His throne (where we like other sinners DESERVE only righteous wrath) with confidence (NOT self-confidence, but confidence in what JESUS has done for those that come to Him) and find “grace and mercy to help in time of need” (Heb 4:14-16).

Ps 5:8 – Note the lack of SELF-righteousness – the Psalmist is VERY aware that his only hope is for the LORD to lead him in God’s own righteousness.

Ps 5:10 – The first of many imprecatory prayers (a prayer for God to bring justice / vindication / holy revenge on the wicked) in Psalms. Note how the Psalmist turns the unjust, painful situation over to God (compare Rom 12:19, where we’re reminded “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”).

Ps 5:11 – Wonderful, hope-filled prayer that even in the midst of painful, sad situations believers can run to God for refuge and still sing for joy (even through our tears) in God.

Psalm 6 – David is going through another sad, painful time. He is feeling this hard time emotionally and physically (Ps 6:2-3, 6-7), and feels on the verge of death (Ps 6:4-5). His enemies are involved in this (see Ps :7-10), but David is very aware of his own sin (see Ps 6:1), and aware that the severity of what he’s going through may involve God correcting David. When we’re feeling like this, we must still turn TO GOD. And notice the correct confidence at the end of the Psalm that God has HEARD his prayer and that the end of his story will be vindication. This is the end of the story for ALL who trust in God!

Ps 6:5 – Some get confused here. Build your theology about what happens when we die on clear teaching focused on that topic like 2 Cor 4:16-5:8 and Phil 1:20-24, where we see that death in this earthly body means that our spirit is immediately in the presence of the Lord. What we see in Ps 6:5 is that all earthly praise to God (which can be a witness to people that don’t know Him) will be over in death.

Optional Rom 2:1-16 – Rom 2:4-5 – “storing up wrath” – Woe to those who think that God not striking them down right now means they’ll be ok in the final judgment!

Rom 2:15 – In Rom 1:20, even folks who’ve never heard specifically about Jesus will be accountable at the judgment because of what God has revealed in CREATION. In Rom 2:1, 15 all (whether they have God’s laws written down or not) will be held accountable also because of the witness of their CONSCIENCE. As soon as anyone passes a judgment (see v 1), they show that they KNOW THERE IS A STANDARD, which betrays that deep down they know there’s a standard-GIVER, and they ought to find out about Him.

Optional Proverbs 17:1-4 – Pr 17:2 – Wisdom is more important than position or bloodline. Pr 17:3 – Fiery / painful / stressful situations are used by God to show what’s in the heart.  Pr 17:4 – Who do you listen to? It says a lot about where YOU. Huge implications for friendships, what media we listen to, etc.