Apr 4, 2022

(Leviticus 7, Psalm 7-8; Optional Romans 2:12-29, Proverbs 17:5-9)

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LEVITICUS 7 – God spelled out careful DETAILS the priests would need to follow – some sacrifices (see v 7 for example) would have a portion eaten by the priest who made the sacrifice. Others could be eaten by a wider group (v 10 for example). NO LEFTOVERS for some sacrifices (v 15), but others very similar could have one day of leftovers (v 16), but definitely NOT past that (v 16-17). Nobody agrees on what “cut off” (v 20, 21, 25, 27, etc) means, but all agree it’s very serious. Sometimes it’s clearly linked with death, sometimes with less, but clearly a big deal for Israel.

Lev 7:31-36 – God making clear that the priests were to be provided for. God has made similar (though different) provision for pastors today (1 Cor 9:13-14, Gal 6:6).

PSALM 7, 8 – Reprinting my notes from earlier when I read these in the “Optional Psalm” section…

Psalm 7 – David is being accused by an enemy named “Cush, a Benjaminite” (see title of the Psalm). We know nothing about this enemy, other than what we can glean here. But as David is feeling overwhelmed by false accusations (see Ps 7:3-5), and feeling that Cush has LOTS of help in trying to destroy David (Ps 7:1b, 2), David runs to his ONLY help: God Himself (Ps 7:1, 6-11, 17). And even in the midst of yet another sad and scary time, David is settling himself that he WILL give thanks to and WILL sing praise to the Most High (Ps 7:17), his refuge (Ps 7:1).

We’ll see this pattern in many Psalms. David sets out (in brutal honesty) what he’s FEELING and brings those feelings to God Himself. Then David reminds himself of the TRUTH that he knows from God and His Word. David reminds himself that the END of his story will be complete justice and vindication because he belongs to God. Then he COMMITS that he WILL praise and rejoice in GOD, even when the SITUATION right now is still overwhelming.

Ps 7:8 – Some are bothered by this and think it’s arrogance. But in Psalm 6 (and multiple other Psalms) David is VERY aware of his own sin, so this is NOT a claim to sinless perfection. It IS a recognition that THIS time the accusations against David are false and that God the righteous judge WILL see and ultimately bring justice. David’s confidence in God handling things one day was right: we don’t even know who “Cush, the Benjaminite” WAS other than the brief mention in this Psalm.

Psalm 8 – Looking at nature (Ps 8:3) should cause a believer to burst into praise.

Ps 8:4 – Note the balance of HUMBLING and ENCOURAGING truth (look for this balance all through Scripture). Humbling when we consider the phenomenal GREATNESS of God (Ps 8:3). Encouraging that the Creator of all things is mindful of and does care for people.

Ps 8:6 – Note the connection with Gen 1:26. Heb 2:5-9 shows that ultimate fulfillment of Ps 8:4-7 applies to Jesus.

Optional Rom 2:12-29 – Don’t miss v 28-29 in light of all the detailed instructions being given in Leviticus. Externals MATTER to God for sure, but they aren’t what ULTIMATELY matters – that’s the reality on the inside of a person – where they truly are with God.

Optional Proverbs 17:5-9 – Pr 17:9 – There certainly ARE times to lovingly CONFRONT sin (see Lk 17:3-4), but there are times to just let something go and not spread it (also see Prov 19:11, 1 Pet 4:7-8, Col 3:13, Eph 4:2). Even when we confront sin, we’re to keep it as small a group as possible (Matt 18:15-17), aiming at reconciliation and restoration of sweet fellowship.