Apr 6, 2022

(Leviticus 9, Psalm 10; Optional Romans 3:19-31, Proverbs 17:15-19)

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LEVITICUS 9 – Continuing the 7-day ordination / installation service for Aaron as high priest and his sons as priests. Note the continuing care to do exactly as Yahweh (the LORD) had commanded (v 7, 10, 16, etc). Again, notice first the offering because of the sins of the priests in v 8-11, then the offering for this sin of the rest of the people in v 15ff. All of this care to meet with the Lord (v 4, 6, 23-24) who is Himself the greatest Treasure of all.

I fear that many times of gathered worship aim for a fun / encouraging vibe. Contrast with the care to prepare to meet with the Lord in the first part of the chapter and the awe-full display of God’s glory in v 22-24. Here’s how this applies to believers today: “…let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire.” (Heb 12:28-29)

PSALM 10 – A psalm for when the wicked SEEM to be winning and God FEELS far away.

Ps 10:12 – When you FEEL like God is far away, this is a great prayer to remind yourself of the TRUTH that God DOES listen to His people.

Ps 10:15 – Another imprecatory prayer. By God-inspired Scripture, we’re reminded with very strong words to entrust our case to God the righteous Judge.

Ps 10:14-18 – Early in the Psalm, the inspired author demonstrates how to pour out what we’re FEELING before God (no hiding it from Him anyway). But then, as in so many Psalms, the human author is inspired by God to remind himself of the TRUTH. This includes remembering the END OF THE STORY for every believer – God WILL bring complete justice one day. I love the prayer in the hymn This Is My Father’s World: “O let me ne’er forget that though the wrong SEEMS oft so strong, GOD IS THE RULER YET.”

Optional Rom 3:19-31 – Rom 1-3 are the gospel (“good news”) that BEGINS with very sobering truth about the righteous wrath of God against all sin. And the sad news is that ALL humans (except for Jesus) deserve the righteous wrath of God (Rom 3:19-20). NOW we’re prepared to hear the good news that through Jesus and Him alone there is RESCUE from the righteous wrath of God. NOT because of any good that WE’VE done, but by trusting in Jesus and what HE has accomplished through His perfect life and sacrificial death. For all that trust in Jesus, God’s justice is satisfied (He took OUR sins on Him as though He had done them and bore the penalty on the cross). In Ex 34:5-9 God shows Moses a glimpse of His glory and declares who He is. But it also sets up a riddle – how can God be so merciful to sinners that trust in Him AND be completely and perfectly just? The answer is not fully seen until Jesus and the cross. And so Rom 3:21-26 is called by many theologians “the most important paragraph in the Bible.”

Optional Proverbs 17:15-19 – Pr 17:15 – One MORE reminder (also Ps 10 and Rom 3:19-31 today) on how much God cares about JUSTICE. And don’t miss the practical importance of Pr 17:18 about the dangers of co-signing.