Apr 9, 2022

(Leviticus 13, Psalm 15-16; Optional Romans 5, Proverbs 18:1-4)

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LEVITICUS 13 – Lev 13:1-46 are extensive directions for if a PERSON may have leprosy and how the priest could tell. If so, they must live alone, outside the camp (v 45-46), and anytime someone got near the leprous person was to shout “Unclean, unclean” as a warning to stay away.

Lev 13:46 – “outside the camp” – see Num 5:1-3 for WHY they must be outside the camp and then, gloriously, see Heb 13:12-13 and Mk 1:40-42.   The Old Covenant could only tell what to do if someone thought they had become clean (that’s Lev 14:1-33), but not how to MAKE a defiled person clean, but Jesus touched the defiled.  And He didn’t become UNCLEAN, they became CLEAN!  Because He took our defilement upon Himself, and HE went outside the camp.  Thank You, Jesus!!

Lev 13:47-59 is what to do with a GARMENT that may have leprosy or some spreading stain on it.

PSALM 15-16  – Psalm 15 – Those who truly trust in God will demonstrate this in a life that stands out from the majority, standing for true biblical justice. Notice this is a psalm of David, who broke almost every one of these standards when he sinned by taking another’s man’s wife and then committed murder in the attempted cover-up. Psalm 32 (also “of David”) celebrates God’s gracious forgiveness of sinners who turn to Him in repentance and faith (also see Rom 4:5-8 commenting on Ps 32). Psalm 15 reminds us that the person who truly trusts in God will have a life that DEMONSTRATES this faith in God. Notice that it will impact our RELATIONSHIPS (3-4) and how we are helpful citizens, standing for biblical JUSTICE (v 3-5) and care for the oppressed (v 5). Not sinless perfection (look at the human author who at times fell FAR short on several of these areas), but a clearly different direction from the worldly at the core of who we are.

Psalm 16 – A powerful reminder of a key biblical theme – there are only TWO PATHS. 1) The path of following and treasuring the true God. HE will show us the “path of LIFE,” where there is “FULLNESS OF JOY” and “PLEASURES FOREVERMORE” (Ps 16:11 – great to memorize).  2) Those that follow any other “god” end up with multiplying sorrows (Ps 16:4).

Ps 16:7 – “my heart instructs me” – ?! This shocked me at first, because a consistent theme in Scripture is the DANGER of following your heart (completely the opposite of our world today). BUT… 1) notice the FIRST part of Ps 16:7 – “I bless the LORD who gives me counsel…” So David (the psalmist here) FIRST looks to Yahweh, and his heart has been trained to line up with HIS counsel. The evidence is all through Psalm 16. In my margin I have an arrow from “my heart instructs me” to where I’ve written: “So, IF God is your refuge (v 1), your Lord (v 2 – meaning “Master”), your chosen portion and beautiful inheritance (v 5-6), your counsellor (v7) THEN you can follow your heart 😊

Optional Rom 5 – Beginning to unpack what it means to trust in Jesus and be justified (counted righteous by God)… One of the key benefits is RECONCILIATION with God. We come into this world at ENMITY with God (compare Rom 5:6-10 with Eph 2:1-3), but those that believe in Jesus have now been RECONCILED.

Rom 5:12-21 – There are two columns – every human is either “in Adam” (you get in that column just by being born, unless you’re Jesus who was conceived of the Holy Spirit) or “in Christ.” Adam’s sin means that ALL people enter this world sinners by nature, headed for condemnation. But for all that trust in Jesus, we get HIS righteousness credited to us.

Optional Proverbs 18:1-4 – Pr 18:2 – If you mostly are about expressing yourself rather than understanding the truth, you’re a fool.