Apr 11, 2022

(Leviticus 15, Psalm 18; Optional Romans 6:12-23, Proverbs 18:10-14)

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LEVITICUS 15 – An entire chapter governing a person’s most private areas. And there IS more privacy here – the priest does NOT examine a person anywhere in this chapter (contrast the skin diseases in Lev 13-14). Each individual is to be honest about their own need for cleansing and make use of the way God provided. At the beginning and near the end of the chapter are unusual discharges for a man (v 1-15) and a woman (v 25-30). These required actual sacrifices at the end for a restoration to cleanness and full fellowship in the community. It does NOT say that they specifically sinned linked to these unusual discharges, but again it’s a reminder of how much physical pain and uncleanness entered this world when sin did (Rom 5:12). This characterizes what the lady in Lk 8:43-48 had suffered for YEARS. Jesus paused on His way to raise a little girl from the dead in order to gently prod a public confession so that this lady (who was going to slip in unnoticed and only get healed physically) could publicly confess Jesus and what He’d done for her and hear Jesus publicly tell her she was “well / whole”.

Lev 15:16-24 – More usual discharge from men and women. These are not sinful by themselves, but did lead to short-term uncleanness, though sacrifice was not required.

A few points stand out for me…  1) God cares about EVERY area of our lives, including the most private. 2) God graciously made a way for people to be “separate from their uncleanness, lest they DIE in their uncleanness…” (Lev 15:31). 3) There’s only ONE sacrifice now needed for ALL uncleanness, and it’s already been made by Jesus (1 John 1:5-9).

PSALM 18  – A psalm after God has rescued David from all his enemies. It’s copied almost word for word in 2 Sam 22, summarizing the victories God brought in David’s life. Don’t get discouraged and think, “But I’ve prayed and have NOT seen such a wonderful response.” This is the END of the story for EVERY believer – eventually there is TOTAL and COMPLETE victory and restoration for everyone trusting the one true God (see Rev 21-22)! Be amazed at the awesome response of God to the prayer of His people in Ps 18:6-15.  

You’ll get very confused if you read Ps 18:20-26 out of context. But David knows full well he’s a sinner (see his Psalm 51). He’s saying that the enemy has unjustly accused and attacked him, and God the righteous Judge is vindicating him (the END of the story for EVERY believer). And see Ps 18:27, where David says that God brings down pride. Ps 18:20-25 is not David’s pride, because in Ps 18:27-36 GOD gets all the credit. But we’re still vitally INVOLVED (see Ps 18:34 for example – “HE trains my hands for war, so that MY ARMS can bend a bow of bronze.”) In other words, God is absolutely sovereign and gets all the credit / glory AND our human involvement matters.

Optional Rom 6:12-23 – Everybody’s serving somebody – make sure that you belong to Jesus and are NOT still acting like a slave to sin. If you belong to God, He gives Holy Spirit power (that’s Rom 8:13) to consciously present the members of our body no longer as reporting for work as slaves to SIN (leading to DEATH / eternal judgment), but as belonging to RIGHTEOUSNESS (linked with ETERNAL LIFE).

Optional Proverbs 18:10-14 – Contrast v 10, 11 – riches can lull you into FALSE security – the only TRUE security is in v 10! Verse 12 is ANOTHER reminder (among so many in Scripture) that humility is the good place to be (though it’s often painful short-term) because of the long-term results. Pr 18:13 is VITAL for personal relationships, social media, and the justice system. We MUST be sure we’re getting the WHOLE STORY (also look down a few more verses to Prov 18:17).