Apr 13, 2022

(Leviticus 17, Psalm 20-21; Optional Romans 7:10-25, Proverbs 18:20-24)

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LEVITICUS 17 – Don’t read this chapter and wonder if it should govern whether you get a rare steak or not (that part is all fulfilled in Jesus’ blood and is now a Rom 14 issue). God wanted HIS people to stand out as radically different from those who didn’t know Him. Many other religions drink the blood of animals or pour it out on the ground as part of their false worship (see Lev 17:7, 13-14). But much of Leviticus (and especially chapter 16) is the huge importance of God granting atonement by trusting HIS provision by providing a sacrifice to take OUR place – SUBSTITUTIONARY ATONEMENT. This is why Christians rightfully place so much emphasis on the cross, where Jesus shed His blood in place of those who trust in Him (Lev 17:11 is fulfilled in Jesus and His blood).

Very helpful summary from ESV Gospel Transformation Bible: [“Atonement is the Lord’s gracious gift, one he grants to sinful people. Indeed, while we usually think of sacrifice as that which the Israelites gave to God, here he turns this idea on its head: sacrificial atonement is something he mercifully and lovingly grants to them, allowing the lifeblood of the sacrifice to ransom the lifeblood of the guilty person.

This same mercy and love is demonstrated supremely in the sacrificial death of Jesus, the ultimate ransom for the guilty (Mark 10:45), whom God himself sends to rescue a sinful people: “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom. 5:8). We therefore trust in Jesus alone to rescue us from the justice that our sins deserve, and then we follow him in grateful obedience and praise (Rom. 5:11; 6:1–14).”]

PSALM 20-21  – Psalm 20 – A prayer of blessing for those that belong to God. Don’t miss the TWO PATHS and the TWO ENDINGS in Ps 20:7-8.

Psalm 21 – Psalm 20 was a prayer asking God for blessing and help in a troubled time. It ended with a prayer for the king to be rescued by God (Ps 20:9). Psalm 21 is a prayer of rejoicing that the prayer of Psalm 20 has been answered. God has given victory! We are again reminded that, though the wicked may seem to do well for a WHILE, the END of the story is ALWAYS that God wins and wins BIG! Compare the full and eternal joy in Ps 21:6 with Ps 16:11. The wicked may seem to do well for a WHILE, but God’s people will do COMPLETELY WELL for ETERNITY! And God will get all the praise and glory!

Optional Rom 7:10-25 – Although the core identity of the believer in Jesus HAS CHANGED (that’s what Rom 6-7 are about), there ARE still struggles in our flesh. To put it in terms of Rom 6, we who are in Christ HAVE DIED to sin (Rom 6:6-7), but… we still (by the help of the Holy Spirit – Rom 8:13-14) need to LIVE THIS OUT in daily life (Rom 6:11-19).

Rom 7:18 – This is said as a BELIEVER. Even with a changed core identity, there ARE still huge struggles / battles with indwelling sin. How different this is from the relentless message in culture to “Trust yourself / follow your heart,” etc!!

Optional Proverbs 18:20-24 – Prov 18:21 – HUGE emphasis on how important our words are!

Prov 18:22 – Amen!! So thankful for my godly wife – what a gift from the Lord!! Marriage is NOT what God calls everyone to (Matt 19:8-12, 1 Cor 7:7-9, 26-40). But if God HAS sent you a spouse, that’s a great gift! Husbands, it’s important to God that you treasure your wife (also see 1 Pet 3:7, where God specifically ties effectiveness in prayer to a husband treating his wife right).