Apr 22, 2022

(Leviticus 26, Psalm 33; Optional Romans 11:1-12, Proverbs 20:5-9)

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LEVITICUS 26 – Blessings for Israel if they KEEP God’s law (v 1-13); Punishment if they DISOBEY (v 14-39). And even at the height of punishment, if the people would turn to God and confess their sins and humble themselves, then God would have mercy (v 40-46).

Lev 26:11-13 – At the height of the blessings is the GREATEST blessing – the presence of God Himself!

Lev 26:29 – This shocking cannibalism did indeed happen (see 2 Kings 6:28-29, Lam 4:10).

Lev 26:34-35 – This happened when the southern kingdom was taken into captivity by Babylon for 70 years (see 2 Chron 36:20-21).

PSALM 33  – A call to worship (with VOLUME and JOY– see v 1, 3) our great God!

Ps 33:6-9 – There’s a constant thread through the Bible of worshipping God as Almighty CREATOR.

Ps 33:10-12 – Since God merely SPOKE and the world came into existence (v 6-9), of course He is absolutely sovereign over all the nations! It is GOD’S plans and counsels and purposes that will stand FOREVER – all the nations are temporary!

Ps 33:16-17 – Make sure your hopes are not in the wrong place! We need more and more GOD-confidence!

Ps 33:8, 18 – I’ve written “F” in my margin, because I’m tracing the vital theme of proper Fear of God through the Bible. Don’t miss that the proper fear of God is commanded TWICE in this psalm which is overflowing with joyful confidence in God. Real and LASTING joy / happiness is always linked with proper fear of God!

Ps 33:8, 18 – proper fear of God doesn’t lead to cringing in the corner, but a glad confident trust in God who EASILY accomplishes ALL that He plans in His OWN TIMING (see v 20 – “Our soul waits…”).

Optional Rom 11:1-12 – The wonderful promises of Rom 8 bring up a question answered by Rom 9-11 – These promises are great, but what about all the wonderful promises God made to Israel?? God had Paul point out that Israel has ALWAYS had folks that benefited physically from physical relationship to Abraham but didn’t fully benefit because they weren’t part of true Israel (real believers in God). Also, God is STILL saving people from Israel (Paul was an example himself, along with many others). Rom 11 says further that God is not finished with Israel. Some believers think this means that God has REPlACED Israel with the church (and that He is fulfilling His promises to Israel through what He’s doing in the church), but many of us think that rom 11 means that God is NOT FINISHED with Israel, but one day will bring Israel to repentance. FOR NOW most believers in Jesus are Gentiles and the majority of Jews are rejecting Jesus, but Rom 11:11-29 says to many of us that Israel will come to God through faith in Jesus.

Optional Proverbs 20:5-9 – Prov 20:7 – the multi-generational blessing of righteousness.