Apr 25, 2022

(Numbers 2, Psalm 36; Optional Romans 12:9-13, Proverbs 20:20-23)

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NUMBERS 2 – God didn’t set Israel free from slavery in Egypt to do their own thing, but to be central in their lives (see Ex 6:7, 19:4-6, 25:8, 29:43-46). The way God commanded the tribes to be encamped and focused on the Tabernacle reinforced the CENTRALITY OF GOD to life (Num 2:2). From Gen 1:1 we can see that the Bible is going to be all about God and His central importance to life! What adjustments would God have you make to reflect His centrality to your life?

PSALM 36  – Delighting in God, though surrounded by the wicked. Notice the BEAUTY in the middle of the darkness in v 7-9! Compare Ps 23 about the feast for God’s people, even in the presence of enemies.

Optional Rom 12:9-13 – Note that in the midst of lots of tender commands regarding love is also a command to “Abhor / Hate what is evil” (Rom 12:9b). These aren’t separate! Part of true love is hating what is evil. Also see 1 Cor 13:6 – part of the DEFINITION of biblical love, and so contrary to many modern re-definitions of love as being support no matter what someone does.

Optional Proverbs 20:20-23 – Prov 20:22 – compare Rom 12:17-21 and today’s Ps 36:11-12 (and so many Psalms that have imprecatory prayers – praying that God will bring full justice and stop the wicked).