Apr 27, 2022

(Numbers 4, Psalm 38; Optional Romans 12:19-21, Proverbs 20:27-30)

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NUMBERS 4 – Num 3 was numbering ALL the Levite males, while Num 4 is numbering those ages 30-50 who were eligible for serving in carrying the Tabernacle and its furnishings when the Israelite camp was on the move. Note the careful delineation / organization of what each of the 3 main Levitical families prepared and then carried when the camp traveled.

Num 4:1-20 – The KOHATHITES were in charge of preparing the sacred furnishings of the Tabernacle and carrying them when the camp was on the move.

Num 4:15, 17-20 – And people DID die when they ignored these clear warnings. See 1 Sam 6:19-7:2, 2 Sam 6). God graciously made (and still makes – for us it’s through Jesus) a way to have His presence among them without His righteous wrath being poured out, but that should never lead to carelessness or being casual about His holiness.

Num 4:21-28 – The GERSHONITES were in charge of moving the curtains, coverings, and entrance screens.

Num 4:29-33 – The MERARITES were in charge of the hard frames, bases, pillars, etc.

Num 4:45, 49 – All just as God commanded. Yes! Prov 3:5-8

PSALM 38  – David is aware that THIS time of suffering is partly because of his own sin (v 3-5, 17-18) AND because enemies have wrongly attacked him (v 19-20). Don’t miss the confidence in Yahweh (v 15) and the continual turning to HIM, even though sharply convicted of sin. Satan will try to get us NOT to turn to God when we feel convicted, but He’s our only hope!

Ps 38:3-10 – Physical and emotional consequences of unconfessed sin (compare Ps 32).

Ps 38:15-16 – Compare what John Piper calls “gutsy guilt” in Micah 7:8-10

Ps 38:18 – CONFESSION. Compare the wonderful promise and sobering warning in Prov 28:13.

Ps 38:1-2, 21-22 – David is still calling out to God for mercy and help even though he’s in the midst of being disciplined by God for his sin.

Optional Rom 12:19-21 – But this is NOT “being a doormat!” Notice the active command in v 21 about overcoming / conquering evil – those are battle words. We fight and win against evil by entrusting our cause to God and being freed up to love the very ones who are trying to harm us. Compare Jesus’ example on the cross (“Father, forgive them…”), Jesus in 1 Pet 2:23, Joseph in Gen 45:4-11, Gen 50:15-21.

Optional Proverbs 20:27-30 – Prov 20:29 – compare the relative youth of those who could serve by carrying the heavy Tabernacle and furnishings in Num 4 (only ages 30-50 did this part). And compare Prov 16:31 about gray hair earned with the wisdom gained in a righteous life – this is what our senior saints need to provide (and younger ones need to turn to them for this).