May 3, 2022

(Numbers 10, Psalm 46-47; Optional Romans 15:1-7, Proverbs 21:25-28)

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NUMBERS 10 – Num 10:1-10 – Use of specially constructed trumpets to signal God’s people AND to act as a kind of prayer (v 9, 10). Two applications later in Scripture that refer to this: Ezek 33:3-6 and 1 Cor 14:1-19 (esp v 8-9).

Num 10:11-13 – Giving time for what God commanded in Num 9:5-11 to happen.

The ESV Gospel Transformation Bible has a great summary of this chapter (as they so often do): [“The trumpet blasts for both worship and war, along with the battle order of the tribes, once more portray the people of God in the wilderness as an army marching out for warfare. While their enemies are strong, it is the Lord himself, symbolized by the ark, who goes before Israel, scattering his and their enemies (vv. 35–36). God provides whatever victory comes.

For the church’s gospel marching orders, we too have the promise of Christ’s triumphant presence (Matt. 28:16–20) along with the assurance that he will subdue all of his and our enemies (Rom. 16:20; 1 Cor. 15:25). Thankfully, the primary way Christ subdues his enemies is by his saving grace (Rom. 5:10; Eph. 2:1–10). For when we were his enemies he suffered to win us back (Rom. 5:6–11). Those who remain his enemies, however, will suffer their defeat eternally in hell (2 Thess. 1:5–10).”]

PSALM 46-47 – Ps 46 – This is the Scripture that the great hymn “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” is built on. Ps 46 is one of my go-to Scriptures in tough times, when life feels like it’s falling apart (v 2-3). Ps 46:7, 11 are the repeating chorus – our hope is in Yahweh who is WITH US. Notice how God AGAIN reminds believers of the END of the story in v 8-10. And how can we KNOW that believers will make it to this good end of the story? Yahweh is our fortress and He is WITH US!

Ps 47 – Command for ALL peoples (note the missionary emphasis) to both fear (v 2) AND joyfully praise (v 1, 6) God the King of all! Compare Ps 2:11 (“rejoice with trembling”) and the classic hymn “Rejoice the Lord Is King”.

Ps 47:5 – Note the overlap with Num 10 trumpets 😊

Optional Rom 15:1-7 – Compare Rom 15:1 and the talk about weakness to Rom 14:1. Rom 15:1-7 is a hope-filled and encouraging glimpse of how tense situations described in Rom 14 can become a beautiful pointer to Christ welcoming folks from such different backgrounds into His family all to the glory of God! Handling Rom 14 differences in such a God-glorifying way is hard work but is so sweet and worth it. It shows that Jesus is bigger and better than our different backgrounds! May we not get focused on WINNING our argument in Rom 14 areas, but on GLORIFYING God by truly receiving / welcoming one another who definitely are trusting in Jesus and still have some differences. That’s a beautiful testimony to the world!

Optional Proverbs 21:25-28 – Prov 21:25-26 – Compare with tomorrow’s reading from Num 11!