May 13, 2022

(Numbers 22, Psalm 62-63; Optional 1 John 3:11-18, Proverbs 23:6-9)

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NUMBERS 22 – Num 22:6 – Balaam was known for being some sort of spiritual guru. He uses the covenant name Yahweh (Num 22:8, 18, etc), but Yahweh inspires Moses to record His anger (Num 22:22) towards this perverse / reckless / evil man (Num 22:32). We know that Balaam was motivated by his greed (2 Pet 2:15, Jude 11). He did find a way to get his money eventually, by advising Moab how to tempt and corrupt Israel and get God Himself to execute some of His people (Num 31:16, Rev 2:14).

Num 22:8 – If only he stuck to this! But he seems to be hinting that he’s holding out for more money. And Balak takes the hint and ups the offer in v 16-17.

Num 22:19 – Uh-oh! But someone might say: “How is this different from Moses in Ex 32:9-14?? (and see Ps 106:23)  Answer: Moses asked God to relent based on the CHARACTER and PROMISES of God Himself! Balaam just really loves money (2 Pet 2:15).

Num 22:23-26  – God ALLOWS Balaam to seem to get his way for a while, but Balaam’s options continue to narrow. You know there’s a problem when the donkey has more spiritual insight (v 23) and makes more sense (v 27-30) than the spiritual guru!

Num 22:28-30 – Yahweh can even enable a donkey to speak (and make more sense than the angry spiritual guru)! So we shouldn’t be surprised when He compels Balaam to give some wonderful prophecies about Israel and the Messiah in the next two chapters. Nor should we be surprised that He can use a prophet with an awful attitude like Jonah or sinners like you and me.

PSALM 62-63 – Ps 62 – Once again David is under attack (v 3-4). He states the truth (v 1-2) that God alone is his hope and help. In v 5-7, David reminds his own soul of this, in v 8 he reminds the whole congregation of God’s people. In 9-10 we are reminded that people and money aren’t worth trusting in. And he closes with reminders of how wonderful God is and that He WILL bring full justice one day.

Ps 63 – See the title – this is sometime in the YEARS running from king Saul’s jealous rage in the desert (also see v 9 – “those who seek to destroy my life”). But there are NO REQUESTS in this Psalm – Just exulting in the goodness of God who Himself is BETTER than life (v 1-4). And remembering the END of the story!