May 18, 2022

(Numbers 27, Psalm 70-71; Optional 1 John 5:1-12, Proverbs 23:26-28)

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NUMBERS 27 – The first part of this chapter is about the daughters of Zelophehad (see notes yesterday at Num 26:33), and we hear about them again in Num 36. God wants us to pay attention to this story that powerfully demonstrates men AND women are equally in God’s image and have equal value. These ladies respectfully and clearly made their case, God said that they were absolutely in the right and gave a law about inheritance that impacted the rest of Jewish history and the Judeo-Christian worldview!

Num 27:12-23 – God tells Moses that his time on earth is almost finished. What God says in v 12 actually happens in Deut 34, which happened not long in time after Num 27. The whole book of Deuteronomy is Moses reminding the new generation of what God had done and said and preparing them to trust and obey this time and enter the Promised Land.

Num 27:15-17 – First on Moses’ mind was making sure there was a godly leader who could shepherd God’s people. Leadership and authority often gets a bad name, and because we’re all sinners (Moses too – see Num 27:14) our earthly leaders all get it wrong sometimes. BUT these verses are one among many glimpses in the Bible about what a blessing leadership CAN be. Compare 2 Sam 23:3-4.

Num 27:21 – “Urim” – Part of how God would direct His people through their earthly leaders (see Ex 28:30, 1 Sam 14:41). The point here is that God’s earthly leaders of His people get their authority from declaring what GOD has said. Compare 2 Tim 3:16-4:5, Acts 20:26-32, Titus 2:15.

PSALM 70-71 – Ps 70:4 – A wonderful prayer for ALL God’s people to find their joy in God Himself, even in the midst of David’s crying out to God for help in his crisis.

Ps 71 – Beautiful praise and prayer to God who is faithful through ALL the stages and ages of life! He is the One who notices unborn children (v 6 – ponder the abortion implications). God is worthy of the confident hope and trust from the young (v 5-6, 17). And He does not forsake His people as we age (no matter what the enemies may say – v 8-11).

Ps 71:14-21 – Beautiful glimpse of what aging in the Lord can look like!

Ps 71:20-24 – You probably won’t be surprised that the Psalm yet again closes with confidence that the END of the story will be deliverance by our faithful God!