May 20, 2022

(Numbers 29, Psalm 73; Optional 1 Corinthians 1:1-17, Proverbs 24:1-4)

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STARTING to catch back up, I hope 😊.  SEE May 11 for SPECIAL NOTE on format change… 

NUMBERS 29 – A continuation from yesterday, so see notes there. Plus note the summary in Num 29:40 – YES! This is what a godly and helpful leader does (compare Acts 20:26).

PSALM 73 – The go-to Psalm when you’re confused by evil people seeming to do so well at times. The whole Psalm is well worth memorizing, but certainly at least start by memorizing the summary in Ps 73:21-28.

Ps 73:1, 25-28 – The Psalmist (Asaph in this case) STARTS and ENDS with TRUTH. But in v 2 he tells us how close to the edge of faith he had come in his hurt and confusion and envy over how well the wicked SEEM to be at times.

Ps 73:4-5 – This is overstated and wrong (but it IS how he really FELT at this time of hurt and confusion)! We should remember that when we’re really hurt and confused and depressed we can get so fixated on one aspect of reality that we’re missing the whole picture (compare v 21-22).

Ps 73:11 – The wicked ACT like there will be no accounting before God one day, but see v 18-20.

Ps 73:12-13 – More of what the Psalmist was truly FEELING though it’s NOT in line with the actual truth. Note in v 13 that it can FEEL useless to follow God at times.

Ps 73:14 – In our age of social media and posting immediately how we’re feeling, we need to note this carefully… The psalmist LATER on (after he had gone to the place where believers gathered together to worship – see Ps 73:16-17) brought God’s TRUTH in to correct his FEELINGS. But if he had shared all the hurt and confusion he was feeling at the moment it would NOT have been helpful to God’s people.

Ps 73:16-17 – The TURNING POINT… 1) When he went to the place of public worship (see Heb 10:24-25) and 2) Remembered the END of the only TWO PATHS that are possible in life (v 17-20, 23-28).

Optional 1 Cor 1:1-17 – The Corinthian church WAS filled with real believers (v 2), though you’ll at times be amazed (and hopefully be humbled and examine our own lives) at how far they could wander. He opens up warning them of all the division in their church. Throughout 1 AND 2 Corinthians there’s a theme on how impressed the Corinthian believers seemed with smooth talk and flashy outward gifts. But Paul is calling them to a different way (see v 17).

Optional Prov 24:1-4 – Vs 1 is a command to NOT allow ourselves to give in to what the Psalmist in Ps 73 ALMOST did give in to!