May 22, 2022

(Numbers 31, Psalm 75-764; Optional 1 Corinthians 2, Proverbs 24:10-14)

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NUMBERS 31 – Moses’ time is getting VERY short, and God is highlighting the holy importance on a bloody judgment that God wants Moses to lead in shortly before his time as Israel’s leader is done. The Midianites had cooperated with Moab (following Balaam’s wicked and cunning counsel – Num 31:16) to seduce Israel into sexual sin and idolatry so that God killed many Israelites (Num 25).

Helpful summary on Num 31-32 from ESV Gospel Transformation Bible: [“The war on the Midianites is referred to as “the Lord’s vengeance” (v. 3) since this would be their punishment for having seduced the Israelites to be unfaithful to the Lord (25:1–13). More importantly, this battle stands as a foretaste of the conquest of Canaan: not one Israelite was lost (31:39), and the tribes of Reuben and Gad were allocated land (ch. 32). When facing armies within the land and tempted to fear, the Israelites could look to this past faithfulness of God—his giving them complete victory along with land even outside Canaan—and renew their trust in him.”]

Num 31:8b – Powerful illustration of Prov 13:20! And a sad reminder that we can see some real truth (God clearly gave Balaam real prophecies of how He would bless Israel in Num 23-24), but still go our own way and be destroyed in God’s judgment.

Num 31:17 – In a war outside of Canaan, normally the women were spared (Deut 20:14), but here they were intimately involved in seducing the men of Israel and bringing God’s judgment (Num 25). God is also highlighting yet again the special role of males in leading, by having all of even the young males killed. Satan is very aware of this truth and is attacking our males today on many fronts. If you take out the guys you take out that group.  God was doing this in holy judgment in Num 31, but Satan (as he always does) is attempting to pervert this true principle for his own wicked ends.

PSALM 75-76 – Both Psalms a reminder that God WILL bring justice one day (in His own appointed time – Ps 75:2).

Ps 75 – As with many Psalms, the perspective changes back and forth and you have to follow it closely… It’s mostly inspired praise / thanks from the Psalmist, but God Himself is talking in v 2-5 and 10.

Ps 75:2 – “…I will judge with equity.” – If your version has “equity,” remember it’s NOT the current definition people are trying to bring in! Biblical equity is the same as Biblical justice and fairness (from God’s perspective) and righteousness (as defined by God) winning.

Ps 75:6-7 – A warning that should be heeded by the wicked (they might not see anyone in any direction that looks able to stop them, but it’s God Himself who will judge them one day and bring justice for His people). And an encouragement for God’s people – you may look around and see no human able to bring true justice, but don’t despair – God WILL bring justice at His own appointed time!

Ps 75:8 – All through Scripture is this theme of a cup filled with God’s righteous wrath and judgment. Compare Jesus crying out to God the Father in Gethsemane (Matt 26:39).

Ps 76:7 – Since I’m tracing the vital and oft-misunderstood theme of proper fear of God, I’ve written “F” in my margin (also by v 8, 11-12). And this note: “More than just reverential awe!”

Optional 1 Cor 2 – Vs 1-5 – How different than what the Corinthian church tended towards – a liking for what was flashy and smooth and powerful-LOOKING. Instead, Paul is reminding them how God uses what SEEMS weak so that God HIMSELF gets all the glory (compare 1 Cor 1:27-30)!

Optional Prov 24:10-14 – Vs 10-12. I’m so convicted about how this applies to standing up for the unborn children who are being legally slaughtered by abortion. Legal, but wicked (like other awful legal but wicked sins through history), and there WILL be a reckoning before God.