May 24, 2022

(Numbers 33, Psalm 78:1-39; Optional 1 Corinthians 3:6-23, Proverbs 24:19-22)

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NUMBERS 33 – This chapter (and Ps 78 in today’s reading) are a summary of the previous 40 years in Israel’s history, showcasing God’s power (don’t miss v 4b and the detail about the plagues in Egypt leading to the Exodus).

Num 33:50-56 – God is getting the new generation ready to carry out His righteous judgment on the Canaanites, and inhabit the Promised Land.  Hundreds of years ago, God prophesied this to Abraham (see Gen 15:12-16).

Num 33:55 – This warning is exactly what happened sadly in too much of the book of Joshua and the whole book of Judges.

PSALM 78:1-39 – Much of this chapter is a summary of the books of Exodus – Numbers. And it’s a call to prepare younger generations with Biblical instruction.

Ps 78:5-8 – One of the best summaries of how we need to prepare younger generations… 1) Hope in God (GOD-confidence rather than self-confidence).  2) Not forget the WORKS of God (Bible stories pointing out that God always does what is best and always wins in the end).  3) Keep His commandments (not just head-knowledge, but applied to obedience in daily life).  4) NOT do the sins of the previous generation (this is NOT hypocrisy, but a vital and commanded part of our instruction to next generations).

Ps 78:29-31 – God giving us what we demand does NOT ultimately satisfy and may kill.

Ps 78:37-39 – God’s graciousness in keeping a remnant and not destroying them all. People often get frustrated at God’s harsh judgment, forgetting it’s God’s MERCIES that ANY of us are still here and not judged. And that He’ll ALWAYS keep a remnant as a showcase for His kindness (Eph 2:4-7).

Optional 1 Cor 3:6-23 – vs 10-15 – The final judgment as a powerfully motivating force.

Optional Prov 24:19-22 – vs 19-20 – Basically a summary of Ps 37. Two reactions to evildoers to avoid:  1) Don’t FRET;  2) Don’t FOLLOW / be envious (even when they SEEM to be winning at times). The reason – remember the END of their story (also see Ps 73 and Rev 21-22).

Pr 24:21-22 – The importance of PROPER AUTHORITY. For a powerful illustration of these verses, see Num 16.