May 27, 2022

(Numbers 36, Psalm 80; Optional 1 Corinthians 5, Proverbs 25:1-5)

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NUMBERS 36 – God inspired that the daughters of Zelophehad appear yet again to close out this book (see also Num 27). A few notes… 1) They’re ALMOST in the Promised Land and reflecting on possible inheritance problems. They’re trusting that God WILL keep His promises and the land will soon be theirs.  2) Vs 6 – These ladies were to marry whom they chose (very counter-cultural to those who believe men make all the decisions), but within certain parameters (similar to Christians today – see 1 Cor 7:39, 2 Cor 6:14).  3) The obedience of these ladies to all that the Lord commanded (Num 36:10) is a model to all believers and a refreshing oasis in the midst of lots of rebellion and sin.

Next is Deuteronomy! Wonderful 8-minute video overview of Deuteronomy (and really a bit on the whole Pentateuch – first 5 books):

If you can make the time (and I’d really encourage you do even if a few days from now), here’s about an hour-ish sermon overview of Deuteronomy (filled with some great applications). This link brings you to a page where you can either listen or download the sermon audio:

PSALM 80 – This is after some very sad event in the life of Israel. The Psalm starts calling out to God as the Shepherd of His people, and we’re reminded that our Shepherd leads us into (and one day through) some very dark valleys.

Ps 80:3, 7, 19 – The repeating prayer chorus of this Psalm.

Ps 80:8-18 – Helpful summary from ESV Gospel Transformation Bible: [“God was faithful to redeem his people in the past by transplanting them as a tender shoot from Egypt to the Promised Land (Ps. 80:8–11). Changing metaphors, Asaph assures that the Father will restore vitality to his favored “son” in the future (vv. 14–18). While Israel is the immediate referent, the Son of Man eventually fulfilled all righteousness for God’s people (Matt. 2:15).”]

Ps 80:17-18 – Note that OUR proper response is completely DEPENDENT on God’s sovereign grace and HIS decisive action. Our decisions and actions really do matter, but when we get something right, God gets the ultimate credit and glory!

Optional 1 Cor 5 – Vital for reminding the church on the huge importance of church discipline, but NOT being surprised that lost people are defined by sin. But we ARE to call those that call themselves believers to repentance and if they refuse to repent, we’re to take obey God’s clear direction.

Optional Prov 25:1-5 – So relevant to the news that many areas not prosecuting crime, and calling it mercy or restorative justice. But these verses are clear that there IS real authority vested by God in the government, and that part of BIBLICAL justice is careful investigation and proper prosecution so that wickedness is punished.