May 28, 2022

(Deuteronomy 1, Psalm 81-82; Optional 1 Corinthians 6:1-11, Proverbs 25:6-10)

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Deuteronomy 1 – Deuteronomy means “second law”. It’s a re-telling and summary of where God has taken Israel over the past 40 years, the decision of the previous generation to disobey God and NOT enter the promised land when God commanded, leading to the 40 years in the wilderness (that’s what most of Numbers was about). Now they’re again on the verge of the Promised Land (where the previous generation was in Num 13-14), and Deuteronomy is Moses spending his last days and weeks (see Num 31:1-2) prepping the next generation to NOT be like their fathers and this time TRUST AND OBEY God.  

Deut 1:9-18 – See parallel in Ex 18:8-27. Principles found here are reflected in so much of American government and judicial system. And wise leadership everywhere. Vs 16-18 are a wonderful charge to anyone in leadership or part of seeking biblical justice, and would also make wonderful prayer requests for those that are.

Deut 1:20-21 – I’m always tracing the theme that God is absolutely sovereign over all things (so I’ve written “S” by v 20) AND that humans are responsible for our decisions and actions (so I’ve written “R” by v 21). We so BOTH throughout Scripture, often right next to each other like here.

Deut 1:37 – MOST of this section is parallel with Israel’s disobedience in Num 13-14, but THIS verse is Moses making a passing reference to his OWN dishonoring of God in Num 20:10-13 (interesting inspired commentary on that story in Ps 106:32-33).

Deut 1:41 – This initially SOUNDS like confession of sin and repentance, but it’s really just more rebellion (see Deut 1:43 and Num 14:39-46). We sometimes are so grieved at the consequences of our sin that we think “One more time of doing things my way will set things right again.” NEVER! The consequences of sin ARE painful, but they get MORE so the deeper into disobedience we go. By God’s grace, trust and obey Him TODAY (even if it’s harder now because of sinful consequences).

Deut 1:43-45 – Beware saying simply: “Prayer works”! Compare Ps 66:18 – “If I regard iniquity in my heart, The Lord will not hear.”

PSALM 81-82 – Ps 81 has so much overlap with the opening of Deuteronomy! They’re both a review of how God has wonderfully worked among His people and how prone His people are to wander. Which is shown to be sinful, sad and stupid. And we see the sweetness of what CAN be true in vs 13-16!

Ps 81:11-12 – The world prizes following your heart, but God presents this as part of His terrifying judgment! Compare Rom 1:24, 26, 28 and Ps 78:29-31.

Ps 82 – Commentators disagree on who the “gods” are in this chapter (it can also be translated “mighty ones”). These are either angels who have disobeyed and become demons or earthly leaders who SHOULD have used their God-given authority for JUSTICE (compare Rom 13:1-6 and note all the overlap with Deut 1:16-17).

Optional 1 Cor 6:1-11 – Let the simplicity and clarity of vs 1, 7 strike us and be obeyed!

1 Cor 6:9-11 – God saves people from ANY kind of sinful background, but that sin is NO LONGER your identity! “Such WERE some of you…” Even though Christians still struggle with sin (and too often fall and repent and by God’s grace get back to obeying), the sin defines who we USED to be before being “washed…sanctified…justified”!