May 30, 2022

(Deuteronomy 3, Psalm 85; Optional 1 Corinthians 7:1-16, Proverbs 25:15-20)

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Deuteronomy3 – Reviewing the victory God gave over Og (for parallel account, see Num 21:31-35). Details about the strength and size of the enemy and their fortifications (see Deut 3:5, 11) which so caused Israel to fear and disobey God in the LAST generation (see Num 13:27-14:11). But God EASILY overcomes any obstacle. After hundreds of years, the wickedness of His enemies has reached the level of complete judgment AND it’s time to give His people possession of the land He promised them (all hundreds of years before to Abraham in Gen 15:12-16).

Deut 3:21-22 – Joshua really was mightily used by God, but there are strong hints that he might have regularly struggled with fear / feeling inadequate for what God had called him to do. At least there are regular reminders by God for him NOT to be crippled by fear but to trust God and HIS ability to help Joshua complete what God had called him to. (Also see v 28)

Very helpful note from ESV Gospel Transformation Bible: [“There is a pattern repeated throughout Deuteronomy: hope for the future is rooted in the past. What God did to Sihon and Og should encourage Joshua and the covenant people with regard to what God would do to the kingdoms in the land of Canaan (v. 21). The ultimate expression of this pattern is the hope for our future resurrection, rooted in the past resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 15:20–23).”]

PSALM 85 – Prayer for revival (especially v 4-7).

Optional 1 Cor 7:1-16 – This is a vital chapter to understanding what God says to NT believers about marriage, singleness, divorce, etc. SO counter-cultural and needs to be regularly read and meditated on! VERY clear that the ONLY place God designed for expressing sexuality is between a husband and wife in marriage (and clear that God DOES intend for husbands and wives to regularly encourage each other in the marriage bed). Also see the clarity in Heb 13:4.

Optional Prov 25:15-20  – v 15 – Huge importance of gentle, persuasive, patient TALK.

V 16 – Importance of DISCIPLINE / controlling appetites.

V 20 – Importance of TIMING (this verse shows the opposite of v 11).