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Eric Redmond

I’m a sinner saved by God’s sovereign grace through Jesus. I’m the happy husband of Becky, and I get to be dad and grandpa to folks I both love AND like! If we had time together, by FAR the most important thing is making sure you know the one true God as He has revealed Himself in His inspired, authoritative Word – the Bible. And the only way to be right with the Creator and Treasure of the universe is by turning from your own way in repentance and trusting in Jesus (God’s Son who became fully human in the virgin conception and yet is still fully God). My life is about knowing God, and pointing others to Him, through Bible teaching, piano teaching, and writing / arranging / playing / leading / singing music that has both careful, biblical theology AND wonderful, singable tunes.

Vital to knowing and growing in God is reading His inspired and authoritative Word, the Bible. I encourage you to regularly read through the WHOLE Bible, so you’re getting the vital and profitable EVERY WORD that comes from the mouth of God (see Matt 4:4 and 2 Tim 3:16). This blog is to give daily help in that, using the classic M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan. You usually read one Old Testament and one New Testament chapter each day. This takes you through the entire NT and Psalms every year and the OT every 2 years. I’ve also added the option of a few verses from Psalms and Proverbs each day.

Not NEARLY as important is knowing where I stand on some other issues, but for those that are interested…. 1) I believe that EVERYTHING that happens is part of God’s good and wise plan and will ULTIMATELY bring Him all the glory as He works out ALL THINGS for the ultimate good of His people. I believe the Bible emphasizes that God is in charge of ALL THINGS (so I’m often called “Calvinist”), AND that our decisions/actions still have real meaning/consequences and that we are held responsible for our decisions/actions. I can’t fully explain how those two truths fit together, but I see BOTH clearly stated all through Scripture (often in the same paragraph). Here’s a link to my “God and the Bible” page where you can scroll down and find a statement of faith I compiled some years ago, and an explanation of what I believe about the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of people. 2) I believe God created the world in six literal days, establishing the pattern of our week. The Answers in Genesis folks do a great job teaching about this. I also know that the Hebrew word for day CAN mean an extended period, and know there are Godly folks who think God did use a longer period of time. The main thing to me is that God created EVERYTHING – He didn’t just start it and let evolution take it from there. As Creator, He is also the good and wise Ruler and from chapter 1 in Genesis, He’s commanding us wisely and clearly. 3) I believe that God made men and women equally in His image, and that the Bible stresses our full equality in Christ. I also believe that God has a distinct calling for men to lead their homes, and that pastors in churches are to be biblically qualified men. 4) As for justice issues, you’ll see on a read through the whole Bible that God is VERY concerned about justice (and some Christians are so reactive from wrong, unbiblical claims for “justice” in our society that they get forget WE must be leading the charge for true, BIBLICAL justice). Outside of Scripture, my favorite resource on this is the book “Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth”. 5) When it comes to what some call “sign gifts,” I am in practice a cessasionist (that is, I’ve never spoken in tongues, etc). But I am not one who says that anyone who speaks in tongues is automatically wrong (so that puts me in the “quite cautious, but somewhat open” camp). For more on what Scripture says about these things, study 1 Cor 12-14 carefully, and notice that the chapter on biblical love is right in the middle 🙂 . 6) When it comes to end times, the CLEAR point in Scripture is that God wins BIG, and His people are vindicated. The clear command is “BE READY” – be ready for Jesus’ return, and be ready to suffer tribulation. Jesus is returning one day and will make ALL THINGS RIGHT, and will put in place complete, cosmic, eternal justice (including mercy for all who have trusted in Him – He already took the eternal wrath they deserve on Himself at the cross). The way I read it, I think there’s going to be a millenial reign of Jesus on earth (ruling from Jerusalem, with the remnant of Israel having recognized Him as Messiah). Then new heavens / new earth. But Mark 9:9-13 ought to humble ALL Christians about prophetic Scriptures – in Mark 9:9-10 the disciples weren’t being literal ENOUGH, and in Mark 9:11-13 they were being TOO literal! I’ve been tremendously helped by Christians who are postmillenial or amillenial (rather than premillenial, like me) and their emphasis on the CURRENT victory / rule of Jesus. 7) I’m Baptist and believe that those who make a credible profession of faith (Matt 28:18 says that DISCIPLES should be baptized) should make that faith public by immersion in water, showing on the OUTSIDE what the Holy Spirit has already done on the INSIDE – immersed them into Jesus (Rom 6:3-4).

But I try not to make hobby horses out of ANY of these points – my main desire is to keep going through God’s Word, and let HIS emphases rule our thinking and actions, while leaving room for Christians to disagree on issues where it’s less clear. We need much more careful study and application of Rom 12:1-15:13 – Christians CLEARLY different from the world, with Rom 14:1-15:13 emphasizing our UNITY with DIVERSITY with other believers in some of these not-as-clear areas.

If you want still MORE :-), you can click the link to my “God and the Bible” page on my music website. The Bible Reading Plan is at the top of the page. You can click on to the PDF and then print or download it. If you scroll down further, there is a Gospel tract I’ve written to help people make sure they’re right with God. Further down are videos of me teaching the first part of Genesis (early in Covid and just after George Floyd) – helping our folks re-establish the basics/foundations from the Bible in shaky times. And scrolling further you’ll find a statement of faith I compiled some years ago for a church I pastored, and a paper on the sovereignty of God AND the responsibility of people.